Cincinnati Mini Storage

Rolling Offers | 69,097 NRSF / 210,000 NRSF Upon Expansion | 654 Units / 2,000 Units Upon Expansion | Cincinnati, OH


Cincinnati Mini Storage comprises 69,097 Net Rentable Square Feet (NRSF) of Climate-Controlled Storage distributed across 654 Units and an additional 140,903 NRSF / 1,346 units that is ready to be built upon. The facility is placed on 4.38 acres of land and strategically situated directly off of I-75, boasting extremely high visibility of up to 178,240 vehicles per day. Presently, Cincinnati Mini Storage is 62% physically occupied, with an economic occupancy of 55%.

In Cincinnati, the self-storage market reflects a consistent demand driven by various factors like population growth, residential mobility, and commercial needs. The area that Cincinnati Mini Storage is located holds a strong, upward population growth of +0.47% in a 1-mile radius. The city’s expanding population and thriving economy contribute to a sustained demand for self-storage units. Additionally, the presence of universities and a robust healthcare sector fuels the need for temporary storage solutions for students and medical professionals. Cincinnati’s diverse neighborhoods experience fluctuations in demand, with some areas showing higher storage needs due to housing transitions or seasonal changes. Moreover, innovative storage facilities equipped with modern amenities and convenient locations, such as this, cater to the evolving demands of Cincinnati’s market, positioning self-storage as a stable and adaptive segment within the city’s real estate landscape.


  • 69,097 NRSF with Expansion Plans for Additional 140,903 NRSF of Climate-Controlled Units (1,346 Total Units)
  • Extremely High Road Visibility 78,240 Vehicles Per Day
  • High Average Household Income $84,190 (1-Mile Radius)
  • Upward Population Growth +0.47%  (1-Mile Radius)


Property Name: Cincinnati Mini Storage
Address: 3423 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45225
County: Hamilton County
Land Size: 4.38 Acres
Total NRSF:

69,097  NRSF Existing + 139,683 NRSF Expansion

(210,000 NRSF Upon Completion)

Total Units:

654 Units Existing + 1,332 Units  Expansion

(2,000 Units Upon Completion)

Physical Occupancy: 62%
Economic Occupancy: 55%
Building Count: 1 Building

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