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202,935 NRSF | 1707 UNITS | Sherman, Waco, Longview, TX

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Premium Storage Sherman comprises 44,050 net rentable square feet (NRSF) of Climate and Non-climate Storage and an additional 3,716 NRSF of commercial spaces, distributed across 342 units. The facility is strategically situated on 5.50 acres of land and boasts approved Phase 2 expansion plans, allowing for an augmentation of 19,000 square feet encompassing both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled spaces. Presently, the facility is 86.55% physically occupied, with an economic occupancy of 72.93%.

Sherman stands as a robust and thriving market, evidenced by ongoing and recently announced developments such as Texas Industries’ 2.2 Billion Phase 1 Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Plant. This endeavor, with an anticipated total investment of up to 30 Billion dollars, is projected to generate approximately 3,000 employment opportunities. Furthermore, the city has been chosen by Globitech for the establishment of a groundbreaking 3.2 million square feet silicon water facility, a venture valued at 5 billion dollars and expected to yield 1,000 new jobs.

A hallmark of Premium Storage is its commitment to security and accessibility. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art secured electronic gated access, ensuring the safeguarding of stored items. Additionally, concrete drive aisles enhance convenience and durability.

Notably positioned along Texoma Parkway, the facility benefits from substantial visibility, with an estimated average daily vehicular traffic count of 7,006 vehicles traversing the area.


BeSafe Waco presents a robust investment opportunity with its comprehensive offerings. The facility features 25,800 net rentable square feet (NRSF) of climate-controlled and non-climate storage among 247 units. Recently, on June 12th, 2023, the facility achieved a significant milestone by completing an expansion of 18,000 NRSF, and has since experienced an impressive lease-up rate. At present, the facility has a physical occupancy of 33.60% and an economic occupancy of 32.16%.

Distinguished by its secure gated access, well-lit drive aisles, and advanced security system, the facility ensures utmost safety and protection for stored items. Furthermore, BeSafe Waco stands to benefit from the exceptional daily traffic count, estimated at approximately 75,581 vehicles per day via Interstate 35. The facility also experiences a notable population growth rate of 0.49% within a 3-mile radius, coupled with an attractive average household income of $103,159 within the same radius, further solidifying its appeal for astute investors.


Simple Self Storage Waco is a compelling investment opportunity with a robust capacity of 45,340 net rentable square feet (NRSF) spread across 419 units. The facility completed an expansion on July 21, 2023, and has since had a strong lease-up. The facility has a physical occupancy of 50.12%, and an economic occupancy rate of 43.00%.

Strategically located on a spacious 5.12-acre plot near E-Loop 340, the property benefits from high visibility, experiencing a daily traffic volume of 16,489 vehicles. This accessibility enhances its market exposure and prospective client attraction.

Furthermore, the property aligns with positive demographic trends within its 3-mile radius, boasting a stable population of 14,200 in 2023 and a growth rate of 0.10%. These factors position Simple Self Storage Waco as an attractive investment choice, presenting substantial NRSF capacity, favorable occupancy rates, strategic visibility, and alignment with promising demographic trends.


Cubesmart (managed) Longview features 68,520 NRSF of existing storage with an additional 20,025 NRSF of Climate & Non-Climate and 110 parking stalls to be delivered by the end of October. 

The facility features a 52.65% physical occupancy (89.76% excluding the expansion) and a 42.47% economic occupancy (71.92% excluding the expansion).

Situated on a spacious 9.54-acre plot along Judson Rd, the facility maximizes its layout to serve varied storage requirements. Its strategic location yields a significant daily traffic volume of 17,782 vehicles via US-259, ensuring visibility and accessibility.

Positive demographic trends in the vicinity contribute to investment appeal. A 0.54% population growth rate and an average household income of $115,809 within a 3-mile radius signal an engaged local community, enhancing the facility’s market potential.

In summary, the Cubesmart-managed self-storage facility offers a compelling investment opportunity with substantial NRSF capacity, promising occupancy rates, strategic visibility, and alignment with positive demographic trends, poised for attractive


Premium Storage Sherman

  • 5.50 Acres with Expansion Plans for an Additional 19,000 SF of Climate & Non-Climate
  • Population 2023 – 15,642 (3-mile radius)
  • Population Growth – 0.39% (3-mile radius)
  • Avg. Household Income – $80,682 (3-mile radius)
  • Daily Traffic Volume – 7,006 CPD via Texoma Parkway


BeSafe Waco

  • 3.76 Acres with a 18,000 NRSF Climate Control Expansion Completed on June 12th, 2023
  • Population 2023 – 6,765 (5-mile radius)
  • Population Growth – 0.46% (5-mile radius)
  • Avg. Household Income – $114,378 (5-mile radius)
  • Daily Traffic Volume – 75,581 CPD via Interstate 35


Simple Self-Storage Waco

  • Situated on 5.12 Acres
  • Population 2023 – 14,200 (3-mile radius)
  • Population Growth – 0.10% (3-mile radius)
  • Avg. Household Income – $54,324 (3-mile radius)
  • Daily Traffic Volume – 16,489 CPD via E-Loop 340


Cubesmart (Managed) Longview

  • Situated on 9.54 Acres
  • Population 2023 – 7,505 (3-mile radius)
  • Population Growth – 0.54% (3-mile radius)
  • Avg. Household Income – $115,809 (3-mile radius)
  • Daily Traffic Volume – 17,782 CPD via US-259


Property Name: Premium Storage Sherman
Address: 2601 Hilltop Dr, Sherman, TX 75090
County: Grayson County
Total NRSF: 44,050 NRSF of Storage
(33,700 of NC & 10,350 of CC)
Total Units: 342 UNITS
Physical Occupancy: 86.55%
Economic Occupancy: 72.93%


Property Name: BeSafe Waco
Address: 18537 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd, Bruceville, TX 76630
County: McLennan County
Total NRSF: 25,800 NRSF of Storage
(13,000 of NC & 12,800 of CC)
Total Units: 247 UNITS
Physical Occupancy: 33.60%
Economic Occupancy: 32.16%


Property Name: Simple Self-Storage Waco
Address: 2172 E Loop 340, Waco, TX 76705
County: McLennan County
Total NRSF: 45,340 NRSF
(31,540 of NC & 13,800 of CC)
Total Units: 419 UNITS
Physical Occupancy: 50.12%
Economic Occupancy: 43.00%


Property Name: Cubesmart (Managed) Longview
Address: 6476 Judson Rd, Longview, TX 75605
County: Gregg County
Total NRSF:
87,745 NRSF
(64,520 of NC & 23,225 of CC)
Total Units: 699 UNITS
Physical Occupancy: 52.65%
Economic Occupancy: 42.47%


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